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The advantages of the concealed doors

Fully blend into the wall
Concealed doors, also called 'invisible doors', can blend in with the colour of your walls or interior setting. They can visually enlarge the space, and they look super trendy.
Such doors do not require much space
Since there is no casing, the doors with concealed frames can be installed even in the narrowest places – where it would be impossible to install the conventional ones.
Enlarged light opening
Some options for opening of concealed doors allow a wider light opening, since there is no casing in its standard sense.
Suitable for irregular openings
With complex installation, a door with a hidden casing is almost the only suitable option. The space under the stairs, attic floors with sloped ceilings, all the most unusual openings in the wall can be hidden with a secret door.
Finish variability
The major advantage of hidden doors is the variety of finishes. It can be completely blended with the space, and there is no need to worry that the door panel will not match the surrounding interior in colour or style. Concealed doors can be covered with the same paintable wallpaper as the wall.
New design trend
We have long been accustomed to the fact that the door is one of the key elements in the interior of the room. The development of technology has made it possible to create exclusive concealed doors that repeat the general wall decoration.
About the company
Our company – Alanar-Grup SRL – entered the market in 2011 as the official representative of Dveri Belorussii.

In 9 years we have opened more than 12 salons on the territory of Moldova and Transnistria.
In 2019, we launched our own innovative production of concealed doors under the IDS – InovationDoorsSistems.

What our company does?

We use a wide variety of materials for the manufacture of doors of any size – from standard 2-meter doors to 3 m and higher. For the production of concealed doors, we use unique, innovative and patented technology.

We are able to turn into reality any design ideas and wishes of our customers. We are always keeping up with the times!

Why choose us?

We work efficiently, reliably and promptly (order execution time is up to 2 weeks).
For the manufacture of our doors, we use a variety of materials, such as: porcelain stoneware, mirror, glass in any RAL colour, HPL panels, oak lamellas.
Our professionals can provide any non-standard solutions in terms of materials, height and design.
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