Concealed porcelain stoneware doors

High strength and durable
Moisture resistant
Colour: XXL Paladio
13 684
Porcelain stoneware doors
XXL Oxido marfil
XXL Paladio
XXL Basic negro
XXL Tempo antracita
XXL Lava corten
XXL Estatuario
XXL Tempo smoke
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Non-standard customised dimensions
Width of the door panel
Height of the door panel
400 to 1 100 mm – customer-specific calculation
500 to 1 950 mm – customer-specific calculation (50 mm step)
2 100 mm +10% to the cost
2 200 mm +20% to the cost
2 300 mm +30% to the cost
2 400 mm +40% to the cost
2 500 mm +50% to the cost
2 500 mm 3 000 мм – customer-specific calculation (50 mm step)
Width of the door panel
Height of the door panel
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Standard sizes

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1,000 lei and above
In Chișinău – 150 lei, other destinations around the republic – 6 lei/km
By a transport company

Component parts


Width of the door panel
Height of the door panel
600, 700, 800, 900 mm
2 000 mm
IDS aluminium casing for concealed mounting
ZUBR magnetic lock
Pull opening type
concealed hinges OTLAV 30*120 (INVISACTA)
push, pull opening type (left, right)
Door panel
3 years
3 years (subject to installation by our professionals)

Choice of door opening types

+ 750 lei
Reverse opening
Indoor frame
In the absence of suitable options, it is always possible to order a door based on a customised project.

Components of concealed doors

Porcelain stoneware
Hidden frame
Silent magnetic lock
Draught strip
Noise insulation
Concealed hinges
Flat ends
Factory cut
Porcelain stoneware
Invisible doors made of porcelain stoneware involve a frame made of anodised aluminium profile and a standard door panel finished with 3.5 mm porcelain stoneware on Italian GRESPANIA fibreglass.

Porcelain stoneware is processed under high pressure, which makes it particularly durable, resistant to mechanical damage (scratches, impacts, chipping) and UV rays.
Hidden frame
A unique, patented door panel frame made of anodised aluminium with a thickness of 2 mm to 9 mm. This combination of metal helps to achieve strength for doors up to 3 meters high. Each corner is double reinforced with 2.5 mm plates. The geometry of the aluminium frame remains unchanged during the entire service life of the door.
The hidden frame makes it possible for the door to be level with the wall.

Frame colours:
  • black -15023,
  • satin – 15020,
  • champagne - 15021.
      Silent magnetic lock
      The Zubr magnetic lock helps with smooth opening and closing of the door panels.

      The absence of protruding parts creates a beautiful design. The magnetic release mechanism of the latch is triggered when the door is closed – creating the effect of automatic locking of the door.

      The latch does not hit the frame. Maintenance and additional lubrication are not required.
      Draught strip
      Grey draught strip is inserted into the frame along the perimeter.

      This creates additional sound insulation and soft closing.
      Noise insulation
      High-density polystyrene foam filling, which increases sound insulation up to 38 dB.
      Hidden hinges
      Concealed Italian-made Otlav Invisacta 300 3-D hinges for interior doors are used in conjunction with aluminium decorative strips that hide adjusting and fixing screws; they give the hidden hinges a refined look.

      A distinctive feature of this hinge is 7 connecting elements, which provide high load capacity, minimal friction and smooth motion.

      The opening angle is 180 degrees.
      The hinge has been tested for 200,000 opening cycles.
      Flat ends
      The flat end is the most vulnerable point of the door due to high operational loads.

      The aluminium frame eliminates the warping process and protects the flat end from mechanical damage.
      Factory cut
      The door panel is cut to fit the hinges, lock and handle on Italian equipment to ensure perfectly accurate holes.

      Margin accuracy – up to 0.01 mm.
      Full door customisation
      Full door customisation


      The handles are specially selected for the collection and are 100% compatible with all model and colour options.

      The advantages of the concealed doors

      Fully blend into the wall
      Concealed doors, also called 'invisible doors', can blend in with the colour of your walls or interior setting. They can visually enlarge the space, and they look super trendy.
      Such doors do not require much space
      Since there is no casing, the doors with concealed frames can be installed even in the narrowest places – where it would be impossible to install the conventional ones.
      Enlarged light opening
      Some options for opening of concealed doors allow a wider light opening, since there is no casing in its standard sense.
      Suitable for irregular openings
      With complex installation, a door with a hidden casing is almost the only suitable option. The space under the stairs, attic floors with sloped ceilings, all the most unusual openings in the wall can be hidden with a secret door.
      Finish variability
      The major advantage of hidden doors is the variety of finishes. It can be completely blended with the space, and there is no need to worry that the door panel will not match the surrounding interior in colour or style. Concealed doors can be covered with the same paintable wallpaper as the wall.
      New design trend
      We have long been accustomed to the fact that the door is one of the key elements in the interior of the room. The development of technology has made it possible to create exclusive concealed doors that repeat the general wall decoration.
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